A great meeting

Here are the notes from meeting of the Green forum held on Tuesday November 21st. The consensus was that this was a very useful meeting. 


Andy H,  Ann W, Chris C, Dave C, David G,  David W, Diana B, Donald M, Dorothy S, Edgar W, George P, Ian S, James  C, James H, Jean M, John B, Jonathan W, Keith Bl, Lesley B, Marten Kats, Martin R, Nick A, Peter R, Phil M, Robin  T, Ruth S, Simon B, Viv R.

Godfrey Meynell, Lucy Care, Reg Hand


Chaired by PR. He stressed that the forum was set up in partnership with the council but it must be noted that the council can offer the minimum of resources and we are very grateful that they can help facilitate the forum, as a means of exploring issues. We would review it after the first meeting and the hope is to meet  quarterly. [The next meeting has been fixed for Tuesday the 28th of Feb, at 6.30 pm]

Air pollution
GP said he is doing a degree in Journalism at the uni and  asked about air quality. David G responded. Air Quality Management Areas (AQMAs) – see Defra  https://uk-air.defra.gov.uk/aqma/ . Since December 1997 each local authority in the UK has been implementing  AQMA action plans for transport. Action areas remain in place because not much has changed. There are recommended Clean Air Zones, one of them proposed in Derby. Initial thinking is to focus from Pentagon to Cockpit island from but looking across the city. Deciding on an action plan. Possible charging of some vehicles. Real issue around funding which does not come from government. Applying for funding. Early next year action plans need to go to Dept for Transport.  Plans to be implemented by 2020.

DS asked about why Derby? Good thing, there was a much larger list.

Martin Rawson explained that it came from EU standards. Question mark re rolling out elsewhere (ref Brexit).

DM job stressed the importance of finding out what the public thinks.

JB talked about nitrous dioxide. JW talked about links to child development and air quality. The short-term with the reg and looking at  compliance and  exposure, longer term around planning. New ways of thinking. Getting the message out there of the changes needed.

DB around comments on web sites. Lack of knowledge.

DS Asked a question DCC subsidising bus companies and putting pressure on Arriva and  Trent Barton.

DG we need public buy in to the issues.

Phil talked about work place parking levy.

IS The stick in Nottm is the work place parking levy; the levy proceeds go towards transport. . They have good modelling of transport.

DG provides almost no contribution to local bus companies. Buses may be charged ironically, and taxis too.  We need to convince public and get the money from the Dept for Transport. We have to set an example, all DCC vehicles need to be better.

RT looking at clean vehicles and renewable.

Bike Hire
Report going to cabinet. Looking to get private investment and organisation to run it.

DB apprenticeship for maintenance.

JW Bike Hire would integrate, so that we don’t have to own a car. One barrier is information.

MR Likes the idea. University are supporting it.

DC Co Wheels great idea; they offer a range of low-emission, hybrid, and electric cars are available to hire at very reasonable costs, eg £10 per night  in convenient locations across Derby. [see http://www.co-wheels.org.uk/derby?gclid=CNug0qro59ACFcoW0wod6NEKXA] . Don’t expect too much.

Viv talked about other uses for the money. Signeage is key

Phil Bus planning web site.

DG answered around future plans re cycling. Perhaps lost momentum due to cuts in funding.

NA when will we have a more integrated to providing information.

Derby and Derbyshire Energy Efficiency Project
Secured £5million low carbon support to businesses Derby and Derbyshire. Provide small capital grants to business, 200 grants £5K to £15K, capability building programme at University, Uni help develop low carbon ideas n bring to market. Kicks off November 1st. EU funding.

AH will go out and approach some but also need to react. 4 people will work with small business but not retail.

Groups and Issues

Experimental convertor on Alfreton Rd Industrial Estate. Plan Application 10/16/01241. DS talked about the application and the possible consequences.

AH said facility is already there but no stack not started burning yet.

IS: Shouldn’t be burning what can be recycled.

DS Flood risk out of date.

SB: Storage of waste materials on site may create problems (cf Slack Lane and flies).

PR: led off about fracking. Stop burning carbon. Removal of subsidies for renewables. Opposition some of it has been around the infrastructure and the noise. Shirebrook group Tues 28th, Worksop next Weds  the 29th. Note the variety of Anti fracking groups, especially the Amber Valley one.

Chris: Ineos inviting councillors next Tues. INEOS North Derbyshire, North Derbyshire contracts, asking if they want to allow seismic surveys. Very powerful company, INEOS want it for plastics and pharmaceuticals.

DC Spoke about the impact of coal.

KB: Talked about meeting with Amanda Solloway.

Invite Amanda

Planning is critical.

How we reach out to the masses. How do we re energise cities. What solutions will improve quality of life.

Council meeting on Weds 22nd Nov 2016.

PR thanked the meeting and said that while it may not have led to much action the important thing was that the forum offered a place to exchange information and air issues. Generally felt that the meeting was very useful. Meeting closed at 20:15


Notes By DC (many thanks)

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