Once again the world leaders are discussing climate. The issue will not go away, despite the best efforts of the sceptics. Climate change has never received the crisis treatment from our leaders, despite the fact that it carries the risk of destroying lives on a vastly greater scale than collapsed banks.

Politicians aren’t the only ones with the power to declare a crisis, just as apartheid wasn’t a crisis until the anti-apartheid movement turned it into one. And at long last a mass movement of regular people is beginning to wake up the politicians.

This September 2,700 demonstrations were organised across the world. 400,000 people marched in Manhattan. The New York Times said the march was “a spectacle even for a city known for doing things big”. 40,000 attended the amazing demonstration in London, including a mini-bus from Derby(shire). 2-3000 people protested in Manchester, Bristol and Edinburgh. 400 people joined the Sheffield strolls and several hundred people in Nottingham (which was organised at very short notice). Click here to see more pictures from the day.

Derby Climate Coalition has been active now for eight years. In the early days we were responsible for the Council committing itself to reducing its own greenhouse gas emissions by 25% over 5 years. We played a part in getting the hydro-plant built on the river Derwent. In recent months we have raised a concerns linked with climate concerns, such as the link between recycling and greenhouse gas emissions and, because of our work, the council is setting up a fracking scrutiny board. We have regularly organised successful meetings, such as the one on ‘Weird Weather’.

In short, can you help with funds? Some of our activities bring in revenue, but most do not. Some of us are paying for quite a lot out of our own pockets. Our biggest expenditures are on printing for publicity purposes, and on travel. We subsidised the mini-bus for the People’s Climate March in London. We send representatives to national bodies who are better placed to lobby central government and co-ordinate local groups. We are planning a lot more activities. Can you make a donation, either a one-off, or can you set up a standing order for a small amount each month? (If you need a form, I can send you one.)

We bank at the Co-op, sort code 08-92-99, acc. number 65227763, account name Derby Climate Coalition. If you do internet or telephone banking, quote these details. If you don’t, then a cheque through the post to me will be fine. Ring if you have queries.

I look forward to hearing from you. With best wishes,

Jim Froggatt, treasurer, Derby Climate Coalition.