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Meeting on ‘How can Derby City Council tackle the climate crisis? ‘

We all know that the threat of climate breakdown is real and will have enormous consequences in all sorts of ways.
Derby Climate Coalition is holding a face-to-face meeting 
  at St Peters Church, St Peters Street, Derby, 7:00 pm on Tuesday October the third – 
which will give us an opportunity to talk with elected members and officers from Derby City Council about what the Council is planning to do to tackle the carbon emissions across the city. It is not about the Council’s own carbon footprint (which is less than two per cent of the city emissions), nor is it about what individuals can do about their own carbon footprint. 

Here is the agenda 

  • The vision for Derby
  • The city’s   carbon emissions
  • The proposed sustainability and environment board
  • The A38 and the Council  
  • The climate forum  

These topics will be introduced by  
Carmel Swan, the member of the Cabinet responsible for climate and transport 
Rachel North, Deputy Chief Executive of the Council  

Other officers, and hopefully councillors, will be in attendance.  
Places will be limited. So please book a place here

Refreshments available from 6.30 pm.


sTOP THE A38 Derby Junctions road expansion

After the approval of the A38 Derby Junctions road expansion on the 18th August, we’re preparing to challenge it again to halt this harmful and unnecessary project.


Thank you to everyone who signed this petition. We started this petition 3 years ago when the A38 expansion was in the examination phase prior to approval. We handed the petition to Derby City Council and the Department for Transport who both dismissed it. It was our legal challenge in 2021 which stopped this destructive scheme and now the Government has pushed it through the again, we’re challenging it again. 

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An online meeting on Tues 11 July 7.30 pm with

·        Tom Davies, Amnesty International

·        Mair Bain, local climate activist

·        Matt Foot, socialist lawyer





The climate emergency needs immediate action at a governmental level. Governments are usually focussed on short term measures and usually only take action on longer term issues following pressure from outside.


The ability to engage in direct action is a vital component of a functioning democracy, providing a platform for all citizens to demand accountability and change.

Irrespective of whether one agrees with every protest by environmental activists, the right to protest is under threat. Recent changes to UK legislation threaten this democratic right and hinder progress on urgent environmental issues.

Come and join the online discussion organised by Derbyshire Climate Coalition and Amnesty International . 


Thursday 22nd June at Derby Quad
10:20 – 13:30

Want to help tackle climate change but don’t
have the time to become a climate scientist?

In just three hours, the collaborative
Climate Fresk workshop will teach you the
fundamental science behind climate
change and empower you to take actionTo find out more about Climate Fresk go to
Supported by Derby Climate Coalition.

To book a place   click here

Public Meeting: “Building the climate movement and reaching beyond”

You are invited to a Zoom meeting organised by Derbyshire Climate Coalition
Monday 6 March; 07:00 – 8.30 pm
Register in advance for this meeting:

This meeting will start by discussing the arrangements and nature of the planned Extinction Rebellion protest in London on April 21, then will lead into an exploration of the role of non-violent direct action and then into a general discussion about movements from below. There will be contributions from Adrian Howlett  from XR, somebody from Just Stop Oil, Peter Robinson, from Derbyshire Climate Coalition and a Trade Unionist.