Training Opportunities


 Climate Fresk is a highly interactive, collaborative session to increase understanding of the scientific basis and impacts of climate change. Originating in France, Climate Fresk is sweeping Europe with nearly 300,000 participants to date. This will be run as a half-day session in the morning of October 27 and is a stand-alone module but it is also a component of the Carbon Literacy training.

Carbon Literacy is climate change learning that catalyses action to address climate change on an individual, community and organisational basis. If we are to cut our carbon emissions to Net Zero by 2035 in Derby, then we will need to make things happen. Carbon Literacy training can empower the transition in our workplaces and in the city. 

Carbon Literacy training is one full day of learning including Climate Freskwith powerful imagery, engaging exercises and informal discussion. Derby City Council is offering Accredited Carbon Literacy courses to members of the community on Thursday October 27 Content is tailored for Derby City, including local impacts, local emissions data, and existing climate change action plans.

In order to achieve the Carbon Literacy Award participants  will need to complete the Carbon Literacy Pledge Submission Document. This entails discussion and a commitment to undertaking a pledge relating to what you can do in an organisation that you  are active in, such as your community organisation or in your workplace..

For more information about the Council’s Climate Fresk and Carbon Literacy training contact: Peter Robinson:

To find out more about Climate Fresk: and for more information on the Carbon Literacy Project:

Course feedback:

  1. Brutal but brilliant!!
  2. Its very informative and puts climate change into a local context very well. It also has a really good interactive, multi-sensory discussion session, so the delivery is varied and engaging.
  3. It was useful to see how some need to have all the knowledge while for others it’s an awareness of nature and the environment that makes it clear action needs to be taken. 
  4. Useful to understand how others deal with climate change and how they discuss it with others.  Really useful when people are open and honest about how difficult it can be.