Air Pollution in Derby and other Green Forum matters

The Derby Green Forum was held on Thursday 25 May 2017 and was attended by 33 people, from a wide variety of backgrounds. Three councillors were there (the Deputy Leader of the Council – Martin Rawson, Lucy Care and the new mayor – John Whitby (who said that his priority was promoting all green agenda) along with a number a number of officers from Derby City Council.

The notes for the meeting can be accessed by clicking here  Derby Green Forum Minutes 25 May 2017.

Air Pollution was the principal item . The map, shown above, shows the relationship between traffic and air pollution. This has been taken from the presentation by Karl Suschitzky’s,  from the City Council  Environmental Protection team. This is merely a screen shot from the Council’s public mapping portal which is available for access by anyone at the following address:  then you need to use the ‘choose an option’ drop downs in the top left corner to select ‘environment and protection’ and then select the ‘air quality management areas’ layer. Helpfully, you can zoom in on any specific location to look at the air quality in more detail in specific areas.

Here is another slides from the presentation showing the contributing factors..

A booklet on air pollution can be found here Guide-community-toolkit. June 15 is a National Clean Air Day action day: see this poster NCAD-A3-poster-PRINT


Other matters discussed included:

Divestment and Derbyshire County Council (click here for a Cover letter for divestment petition 23.03.17.)

Carbon Smart (an ongoing European project aimed at improving the energy performance of small manufacturing businesses, with 200 grants available over the next three years. See this flyer Get Carbon Smart GRANTS SCHEME FLYER LR 6.2.17

Envirofusion, (They have  applied for planning permission to test a waste-to-energy plant).

It has been generally agreed that this  was an inspiring meeting,  both informative and full of ideas. The next meeting will be help in 3 months.



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