The full report can be downloaded here.

Here is the abstract:

‘The Vision for the Future: Derby City’ survey aimed to collect the views of people who live and work within Derby.

The survey was designed and based upon the ‘Vison for the Future: Derbyshire Dales’ climate survey 2021 (Evans, Bird and Bird 2021). The world has changed so much in the last year due to Covid-19, and it is going to change more in the coming years because of international recognition of the climate emergency. We now have a great chance to change the City of Derby to make it healthier, fairer and better to live in for everyone. The aim of this project is to shift the climate conversation from giving things up to strengthening and improving communities, the result being the opportunity to present a positive vision of what net-zero carbon will look like for Derby City in the future. The themes covered within the survey include: Our homes, Natural environment, Transport,  Waste, Our community and Government and, lastly, our vision.

How was the survey distributed?
The survey was distributed on a variety of platforms, including mailing lists, websites and also in print on a poster displayed within the city.

It was promoted through Derby Climate Coalition and other groups which already have a vested interest in the environment and carbon-neutral agenda. However, attempts were made to reach out
as far as resources allowed and the survey was shared through Community Action and on social media, for example through forums such as Next-Door Neighbour and Facebook. More than 400
people responded. While it would have been good to have a wider cross-section, it remains that the survey was undertaken to help articulate a zero-carbon vision for the city. In that sense, the survey
was unashamedly ‘biased.’

Overall, people responded positively to any initiatives or suggested plans for Derby spanning all themes covered. Respondents appear to welcome any suggested efforts to contribute towards carbon neutrality, and a large proportion (72%) suggested that 2030 would be an appropriate target date for Derby to become carbon neutral.