Survey shows residents want council to keep kerbside recycling and give more leadership on climate change.

Derby Climate Coalition delivered 1000 surveys to residents in the New Zealand area of Mackworth ward, Derby asking about recycling.  Over a quarter of these were returned.  Most residents wanted to continue to have a kerbside recycling service – and of those expressing an opinion, four out of five do not think the council is doing enough to address climate change.

In May, the council proposed scrapping kerbside recycling for 138 streets in the inner-city, covering parts of Abbey, Arboretum, Mackworth and Normanton wards.  There were problems on these streets with dumping, litter and bins left out all week.  Too often the wrong things were put in the brown and blue bins, leading to problems with recycling and additional costs.  By returning to a black bin only service the council hoped these problems would be solved.

Derby Climate Coalition were concerned that reducing recycling would add to the city’s carbon footprint, and decided to survey local people in one area.

Results of the survey indicate that:

  • 2 out of 5 residents have lived in their home for 10 years or longer
  • 1 out of 10 consider they currently have no practical way of getting their bins off the street
  • Most people – more than 7 out of 8 – think the council should be making it easy to recycle, but 1 in 5 find it hard to know what should go in which bin,


Click here for the full report: RecyclingIn NZMackworth

For more information contact:

  • Lucy Care:  01332 7251291
  • Peter Robinson: 01332 600612

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