Meeting on Fracking

Fracking has been in the news and a couple of us in Derby  organised a public discussion,  at very short notice. We invited people to come in to share ideas, and not to have a dogmatic view about fracking. The idea was not to have a ‘expert’ from outside but use our collective expertise.

Despite it being the summer and very short notice, 15 people attended and the discussion was very good, and well informed. A couple of people cam from Nottingham and some people came who we hadn’t seen for some time. We started with the interview with Caroline Lucas from the today  programme on Tuesday.  . 

We also copied the article from  Monbiot 21/8/2013, and some exchanges from the Climate Alliance site on the subject.

This led  us resolving to take the issue up with the Council, and also inside the planned meeting of the Derby Peoples Assembly.

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