Fracking near Retford, north Notts

Unconventional gas exploration is going ahead in Bassetlaw; the northernmost district of Nottinghamshire, in the next few months.

Dart Energy have a planning permit to explore and take core samples from various coal seams under land adjacent to the Danes Hill Energy Park near Sutton cum Lound, north of Retford. It is alarmingly near to wetlands and an RSPB centre. Construction work on site has already commenced

The core will be analysed to determine gas flow rate. This will inform Dart of each seam’s flow rate across the entire coalfield. Coal Bed methane extraction will follow requiring, we assume, many many wells.

Frack Free Nottinghamshire and Frack Free South Yorkshire and are supporting on Saturday 8th March. Meeting at 10am on Carolgate in Retford, and there will be banners, a table, flyers, petitions, etc.

“Public meeting at 7.30pm on Wednesday 19th March at The Well, Hospital Road, Retford.”

Here is the leaflet: ffn-bassetlaw meeting flyer final

If you are interested in helping contact

Websites are www. and