A38 Chaos

Object to the A38 road development around Derby


Central Government and Derby City Council have both declared climate emergencies. It is known that traffic volumes must be reduced drastically, and if this achieved, additional road capacity will be unnecessary.

Trees are important because they take carbon dioxide out of the air, and play a role in removing other pollutants produced by vehicles. Mature trees cannot easily be replaced.

Local people will experience major congestion problems accompanied by high levels of air pollution.


Sign the 38 Degrees petition 

Join the protest at the Ministry hearings. February 18 , 9:15  to 10 am, outside the Stuart hotel, 119 London Rd, DE1 2 QR


see https://www.a38derbychaos.org/

2 thoughts on “A38 Chaos”

  1. As part of the legal challenge are you planning to ask the council what their usage data is based on? In the post Covid world will the number of road users be anywhere near the level pre Covid and the level predicted for the 2020s and 2030s that part of the road expansion requirement was based on? It would be good to challenge the data directly in addition to pointing at the very significant environmental impact. If we can undermine the main benefit the council claim the works will offer on the basis of flawed and outdated data it will be a significant victory in this war! Who knows, they may be forced to go and gather more usage data which will present added time and cost to the project.

  2. Can your council help get the Derby to Devon via Dudley principal, mainline railway “of national strategic significance” be finished in the vital middle section between Burton on Trent and Stourbridge, please? 47 Kms are still available for commuter, regional and freight trains – and their stations, of course!

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