The Council is planning to scrap inner-city recycling


The Council wants to take away your and your neighbours’ recycling bins.

You’d then have to put all your waste in your black bin. This would be collected weekly.

This change is only being considered for inner city areas. People living in leafy suburbs will still get a recycling service.

The council isn’t planning any recycling ‘bring’ sites so any recycling you want to do will have to be taken to Raynesway.

The council say they hope this will reduce litter and dumping on the streets.

If you object to people on your street being treated like this:

1. Tell your councillors. Details underneath.

2. Go to the meeting tonight (Tuesday 30th April at 6pm, Council House) where it will be discussed. Bring a poster if you like. Meet at 5:30 outside.

Background information


Ten years ago the council started kerbside collections of recycling. At present about half the waste from households is recycled. This saves lots of energy, is good for the environment and helps reduce climate change and weird weather.

The rest goes to a landfill – a giant tip – for which the council has to pay more than £80 per tonne to use.

The council has already decided to start charging for brown bins. So only people who pay £40 a year will have these next year.

The council has also decided to give everyone larger blue bins so that from June this year all paper and card will go into these as well as bottles, cans and drinks cartons.

Current Plan

Before either of these changes have happened, the council now want to stop all recycling in nearly 140 inner city streets. The report is going to the council tonight for backbench councillors to comment on. It will then go for a decision to the council’s ‘Cabinet’, probably in June.

The main Council report is available at

And the report about scrapping recycling is at

Tell your councillors what you think!!!

Abbey Ward:
Asaf Afzal                                                07812 301437

Ajit Atwall:                    07973 411787

Sarah Russell:           07812 301443

Mackworth Ward:

 Paul Pegg:  07961 199725

Lisa Higginbottom: 297564

John Whitby:                 551432

Arboretum Ward:

Asaf Afzal                     07812 301437

Ajit Atwal                       07973 411787

Sarah Russell            07812 301443

Normanton Ward:

Balbir Sandhu           07812 301444

Hardyal Dhindsa   07812 301777

Jangir Khan                         07812 301442

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