Protect Derby City Council’s climate change and energy management team

The Derby City Council’s climate change and energy management teams are under threat, once again. The Council is proposing to cut this part of the services by £110,000 over three years.

At a time when energy costs are soaring and severe weather events are impacting greatly on people’s lives, both here and around the world, for Derby City Council to even consider cutting these budgets, with the likelihood of staff losing their jobs, is bizarre.

The teams are saving people money because of the advice that they give and the projects that have been initiated. Furthermore the Council is helping combat climate change. We must not let the Council get away with these proposals.

We have been here before and want you to help us again. There are a number of ways you can do so:

  • Join us in leafleting and protesting outside the next Council meeting on Wed 19 December 5.30, outside the Assembly Rooms. We have ordered a new banner, and bring your placards as well!
  • Register  an objection on-line or by letter by going to:
  • Talk to your local councillors(s) as soon as possible and make sure that they understand that city householders, particularly the ‘fuel poor’ can reduce their energy bills and stay warm
  • Write a letter to the newspaper
  • Spread the word by copying the email, and using your social networks (which could include actually to talking to people)


If you need any further help or have ideas how we can develop this campaign please contact us. A background briefing sheet is attached. The proposed cuts can be seen at this link: and  go to pages 63 and 69:


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