What can Councils do?

Friends of the Earth have created an amazing resource called “How climate friendly is your area?” and all you have to do is enter your postcode to see the results for your community.   

They have also published a climate action plan template for Local Councils, please publicise, hopefully you’ll all find it useful, see https://takeclimateaction.uk/climate-action/get-your-council-adopt-our-climate-action-plan

Derbyshire Councils and the Climate Emergency!

Derbyshire Climate Coalition campaigners would like to give you an update on what has been happening. The following councils have declared a Climate Emergency (the dates with embedded links to council papers are shown in brackets).

Derby City (22/05/2019); passed unanimously but no date, little follow up action but it has agreed to appoint a paid climate change coordinator.

Amber Valley Borough (24/07/2019); Motion passed for net zero by 2030.

Chesterfield Borough (17/07/2019); failed to include date of 2030 or accept amendment to do so.

Derbyshire Dales District (30/05/2019); Motion strengthened and unanimous.

High Peak Borough (15/10/2019); Motion passed unanimously – 2030 date.

NE Derbyshire District (08/07/2019); Motion amended (80% reduction by 2030 with aim of 100%).

South Derbyshire District (27/06/2019); Unanimous but watered down.


Derbyshire County Council (15/05/2019); the Council issued an alternative climate manifesto and, despite issues with the Leader of the Council, some good work is being done in partnership.

Bolsover District Council (17/07/2019);the motion amended to debate need for motion at future date.

Erewash Borough (10/10/2019); Motion passed for net zero by 2050; wholly complacent response. Note that lawyers from ClientEarth have warned this council that they will violate their legal obligations and risk legal challenge if they do not introduce proper climate change plans. See https://www.clientearth.org/press/lawyers-put-local-authorities-on-notice-over-climate-inaction/ .

It is great that all the councils have made some moves and some actions are being taken. But there is a lot more planning and lobbying to be done. We need councils to turn their political promises in to concrete action – leading the way where the national government continues to fail.

Summary of CLIMATE targets for the Derby area

Friends of the Earth has analysed how different local authority areas across England and Wales are taking action to cut greenhouse gases. They have also compared local authority areas with other similar local authority areas.  For full details click on this link.  

Here is the summary of targets for the Derby area:

  • Cease supporting or promoting new high carbon infrastructure, such as roads or airports
  • Annual emissions reductions – 13%
  • Homes to insulate per year – 6,978
  • Number of eco-heating systems, such as heat pumps, to fit each year – 3,841
  • Proportion of commuters walking, cycling or using public transport by 2030 – 60%
  • Increase lift-sharing – major employers should aim to have 40% of their staff who travel to work by car doing so by lift-sharing
  • Electric vehicle charging stations by 2030 – at least 119 stations
  • Renewable energy – at least 37MW
  • Trees – Aim for 20% tree cover
  • Household waste reuse, recycling and composting by 2025 – 70% (on path to reach zero waste as soon as possible)
  • Divestment – zero investment in fossil fuel companies as soon as possible.

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