Support Derby City Council in its stand against Fracking

This is taking place at the Pedigree Suite, i-Pro Stadium, Pride Park, Derby.

The motion is shown in full below.

We welcome this motion and urge you to contact your local councillor and ask him or her  to support it.

One argument that has been raised is that as fracking isn’t likely to happen within the city why should we bother. The problem is that climate change does not respect city boundaries.

Another argument is that this motion is being proposed and seconded by supporters of one political party. So be it. But the motion came out of discussions with the Derby Climate Coalition and we are essence non-partisan. Indeed as far ago as 2006 the different political parties on the Council agreed that that climate change is the major challenge facing all of us  and that In order to fight climate change we need to develop a cross-party strategy akin to that of the government fighting the Second World War We urge the councillors to show, once again, their commitment to climate change, and to endorse the spirit of this motion.

Finally we will be organising a public meeting on fracking in the near future. If you are interested in being involved please contact us, as we need all the helpers we can get.
Hoping to hear from you soon.

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