Zero Carbon Britain Meetings

Last Thursday in Derby our local climate change coalition organised 2 meetings around ZeroCarbon Britain, and we were fortunate to have Peter Harper, the Head of Research and Innovation from the Centre for Alternative Technology, up to speak on the report. Quite a lot of work went into the organising; there were 30 people, at the seminar (which was organised in partnership with the Council’s Climate Change unit) and 65 at the meeting in the evening. We are maged an interview on Radio Derby and today there was a reference on Radio 4’s You and Yours to Zero Carbon Britain and our meeting (an email from one of our activists was read out).Starting the discussion from the view of where we need to get to and looking at some of the options makes a lot of sense and both overcame divisions and highlighted the need to question some of the assumptions. See the attached slide. Interestingly there was nobody identifiably from the trade union movement.

At the end of the evening meeting we spent some time talking about the fragmentation of the movement, the need for local coalitions and the need to tie in with national initiatives. The audience was extremely receptive. 7-8 said they would be going to the demonstration in London on December 4th.

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