Transition Derby: Looks positively and enthusiastically towards a future of steadily descending energy consumption.  A future in which we work collectively and value each other.

Derby City Council: Has developed a Climate change strategy to address the climate change impacts of our activities and has a commitment to reduce carbon emissions from our own estate and services, domestic properties, transport and industry.

Derby Carbon InitiativeA not-for-profit educational partnership :
Accelerating the low-carbon economy with  pioneering leadership, practical knowledge and vocational skills for the 21st century. Creating the means to deliver new livelihoods for a new era through cross-sector insight and systemic thinking.

Oxfam: Despite doing the least to cause it, poor people are experiencing the full force of climate change. Oxfam is working to reduce the impact of global warming – now and in the future.

Alliance for Jobs and ClimateThere’s an alternative to austerity, economic insecurity and climate catastrophe. It starts with massive private and public investment in jobs. It starts right now.

Stop Climate Change Coalition: the UK’s largest group of people dedicated to action on climate change and limiting its impact on the world’s poorest communities.

Friends of the EarthStands for A beautiful world: We depend on the planet, so let’s keep it in good shape.  A good life: A healthy planet is one that works for people too.  A positive relationship with the environment: Acting together for the planet and everyone who lives on it.